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OpenText Process Suite Boot Camp Tour

The OpenText Process Suite Boot Camp could be coming to a city near you! Request more information today to kick start your development team with the OpenText process suite platform in our two week intense boot camp training. 
The Fundamentals of the OTPS platform ( The Cordys Fundamentals).

Day 1
  • Using the Cordys User Start Page, or the Cordys Explorer
  • Preparing for Application Development
  • Designing a Process and a Case Model
Day 2
  • Implementing a Process
Day 3
  • Web Services and the SOA Architecture of the platform
  • Developing Web Services
  • Developing User Interfaces

Day 4
  • Implementing the Workflow capabilities of the platform
  • Business Activity Monitoring
Day 5
  • Business Rules
  • Data Transformations


Developing Process and Developing Services.

Day 6 & Day 7
  • Developing Business Process Models
  • Modeling Constructs
  • Message Map
  • Service Design
Day 8 & 9
  • Introducing Web Services
  • Developing Web Services
  • Generating Services on Existing Java Code
  • The WS-AppServer (Web Services-Application Server) Package
  • Development Environment
  • Using External Editors
  • Working with Eclipse
  • Subversion Client – Tortoise
  • Working with Classes
  • Customizing Classes
Day 10 (Final Day)
  • Functional Assignment exercises
  • Class discussion, what to build and how to build it?

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