That's what we offer - a dynamic partnership with you and a small team of your technical and business colleagues for just thirty business days to produce a solid BPM foundation, ready for  production rollout!

Organizations like Tesco, PSCU, and AIA have realized significant savings in terms of time and money spent by implementing Smart process applications to support their key business requirements.

Give us a clean server platform, select your team to work with us, and together - in just 30 business days - we'll build your Smart Process Application.

Our service package includes:

  • Installation, setup, and configuration
  • Smart Process Application implementation
  • Web client customisations for corporate branding
  • Training for technical staff and super-users

One key to ongoing success with Smart Process Apps is getting your initial basic system setup done - and done right!

This is the cost-effective, high-yield ROI package you’ve been waiting for!

Let's build it - and build it right - together!


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