Engaging in effective business process management practices within your organization is becoming an operational necessity. The question then is whether or not implementing a BPM Suite is also a necessity.

Follow these 5 easy steps to help you navigate the playing field, focus on the selection process, and increase your odds of choosing the right BPM Suite for your organization:

  • Step 1: Determine the scope of your process improvement needs

  • Step 2: Understand what the BPM “essentials” are versus more advanced BPM features

  • Step 3: Document your requirements and weigh priorities

  • Step 4: Identify a short list of vendors

  • Step 5: Conduct vendor evaluations and engage in proof-of-concepts

Given that thousands of organizations around the world, across dozens of industries, are implementing BPM technology and becoming more efficient, increasing agility, and gaining the visibility to become more effective, it seems the answer is that you can either move forward with choosing and implementing a BPM Suite or risk being left behind.

So get out there and start the process.


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