Your Buyer's Guide to Process Excellence

Starting Your Process Mining Journey 

Starting Your Process Mining Journey with Celonis

This guide serves as a starting point for any organization looking to begin Process Mining. Understand the different ways companies adopt Process Mining and know which questions to ask. Start small, find value and scale.

So what's the best way to bring Process Mining into your organization? You will find the answer in this guide.

What is inside?

Let's Start with the Basics: What is Process Mining?Process Mining defined. How fast the Process Mining market is growing?
What's the Best Way to bring Process Mining to Your Organization?
What are the three options to adopt Process Mining?
Process Maturity Assessment 
What stage of process maturity are you in?
How to get started with Process Mining and EMS?
What are the five steps to follow?
RFX Template
Celonis has combined the leading analyst vendor requirements
into a best practice template available to download.



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