How are you managing campus in our new COVID-19 world? It's complex.

Get ahead of COVID-19 with CampusPass. The fastest way to coordinate a safe campus community.

CampusPass coordinates the complexities of returning the entire academic community back to campus.

Campuspass in action - watch video

A unified command centre. See and manage the health and work status of your entire academic community in real time through one single interface.

Fast, easy screening. Students, faculty, staff, vendors, and visitors use a simple web or mobile interface to securely submit and update daily COVID-19 questionaires required by local regulations and your policies.

Return-to-campus verification. Define internal policy rules regarding return-to-campus authorization. We help with pre-built rules based on health organization guidelines and government regulations. Your rules are applied to everyone’s health and risk submission data to automatically authorize on-campus access which is controlled through Mobile Pass.

Automated Mobile Pass authorization. Based on your policies, everyone approved to return to campus receives an automated authorization, displayed on their mobile devices for easy verification.

Contact tracing. Rapidly identify and respond to COVID-19 exposure incidents with case management, as recommended by government (supporting NHS Test & Trace).

COVID-19 & Immunity testing. Manage all COVID-19 testing activities for your whole campus and integrate COVID-19 testing providers in the process.

Isolation processing. Manage the process to quickly isolate exposed, on-campus residential students and protect your community.

Mental Health and Student Wellbeing. Community help at your fingertips. Request help from anyone at campus in time of need.


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The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff is our most important concern during this pandemic. Coordinating and communicating across all departments and tens of thousands of students poses a significant challenge for universities, and Appian is the platform that brings us all together safely and securely.