With Metastorm BPM v7 becoming 'Past Maintenance' in January 2018, users left on versions previous to the current OpenText MBPM v9, will run an ever-increasing risk that changes to their applications, infrastructure or operating systems will cause issues in business-critical BPM solutions.

In this whitepaper, we examine the business and IT benefits of OpenText's MBPM v9, and recommended elements of a smooth-running migration project:

  • Improved user experience and collaboration
  • Enable your Mobile workforce
  • Enhanced language localisation
  • Improved intelligence with your organization’s content
  • Greatly improved language localization
  • Easier integration with other systems
  • Support for the latest technologies 

Download our Whitepaper today to get an overview of these features and how best to begin planning your migration to OpenText MBPM v9.

Migrating to OpenText MBPM v9 Whitepaper