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Optimize the claims process from claims intake to resolution.

The wider adoption and advancement of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the growing practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the rapid rise of Insurtechs, has spawned an enterprise-wide need for change.

Realizing that differentiation lies in the ability to quickly deploy new digital capabilities without an expensive, lengthy rip and replace, insurers are discovering the benefits of a low-code application platform approach: digital power, improved customer journeys, accelerated claims management, and ultimately faster speed to innovate.


Speed to Market.

10x faster. Speed enables your organization to easily pivot and move to meet market demands, allowing you to achieve flexibility and business agility. This means for insurance organizations is effective, rapid implementation of mission critical applications and change initiatives.

Improved Customer Journey.

Empowering customer-centricity. Bring disparate data from siloed systems together seamlessly on one unified platform, allowing insurers to view an accurate, complete, and up-to-date record of the customer. Role relevant views provide staff with contextual information at the right time, making touchpoints efficient, speedy, and helpful to customers.

Accelerated Claims Management.

Master your claims ecosystem. Using sophisticated process management and case management functionality, along with seamlessly integrating with RPA and AI, the the claims management platform can automate and optimize core claims operations.

Your benfits

  • 50% faster claims processing
  • Intelligent Adaptive Case Management with handling of different SLAs
  • Improved human resources utilization through workload planning
  • Personalized processes, functions & task prioritization
Claims Management for an Insurance Company

“An application platform that supports rapid application development, one-step deployment, execution and management using declarative, high-level programming abstractions, such as model-driven and metadata-based programming languages.”

- Gartner

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convedo helps insurers improve customer journeys and accelerate claims management.


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